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James Charles Adams



Ahnentafel - 60

James Charles Adams
Charles August Adams
Grace Mae Adams
Nellie Louise Gilbert
Frances Louise Seibert
Jeffrey Craig Duskin

Born: July 4, 1827 in French Creek, Chautauqua Co., New York

Father: James Adams

Mother: Frances Helm

Married: Nancy Elizabeth Sullivan - 1853 in Le Claire, Scott Co., Iowa


  • Rosanna Adams - March 1854 in Illinois
  • Charles August Adams - March 16, 1856 in Le Claire, Scott Co., Iowa
  • Henry Martin Adams - September 9, 1857 in Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa
  • James Calvin Adams - March 8, 1861 in Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa
  • Mary Jane Adams - February 19, 1864 in Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa
  • Julia Etta Adams - May 1866 in Center Twp., Cedar Co., Iowa
  • Ida Adams - about 1867 in Iowa
  • Frank Thomas Adams - September 9, 1868 in Cedar Co., Iowa

Married: Charlotte Helm - November 14, 1875 in La Porte City, Blackhawk Co., Iowa


  • Lillie May Adams - May 16, 1877 in Iowa
  • Ulysses Adams - May 1, 1878 in Cedar Falls, Blackhawk Co., Iowa
  • Chester Arthur Adams - March 20, 1881 in Cotesfield, Howard Co., Nebraska

Married: Mary Carlisle - April 21, 1907 in Burkett, Hall Co., Nebraska

Died: May 16, 1919 in Grand Island, Hall Co., Nebraska

Buried: Parkview Cemetery, Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska



from the Davenport Leader; Davenport, Iowa; Monday, December 6, 1897:

They had a peculiar case at Tipton last week. James Adams lived there in 1860, and enlisted in company C of the Twenty-fourth Iowa. Returning from the war, he was married and lived near Tipton with his wife, Nancy E. Adams, until 1871. One day in that year, he went out to get a load of chips and never returned. Nothing was known of his whereabouts for a long time, but later information came that he was living near Ord, Nebraska, with another woman and had become well-to-do. Last summer his wife and son engaged with Dick Burrows to take them to Nebraska overland to investigate matters, which was done. When they arrived it was found that Adams had placed all his property in the other woman’s name and was living in town, while working for her on the farm. Some kind of settlement was arrived at between the parties and Mrs. Adams returned and secured a divorce at the last term of court. Monday Burrows sued Mrs. Adams for $100, claiming a contract with her for that amount for making the Nebraska trip. The case was tried by the court, who rendered judgment for the full amount. It is understood that Mrs. Adams will appeal to the district courts.